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“Next to you” - even in times of Corona!

A few weeks ago we received an emergency call from a fittings manufacturer, who contacted us on recommendation. Our ARNTZ sales representative immediately came to support, despite the current exceptional situation.

Our problem analysis:

The sawing process is far too slow, service life and sawing times need to be optimized. 18 min/section are required for cutting tempered steel. Due to the large cutting sequence, workpieces can only be sawed with too much waste of material. The planned output cannot be achieved - this repeatedly leads to production stoppages and high costs.

Our solution:

Our technical sales representative adjusts the sawing machine according to the ARNTZ parameters. It turns out that constant feed rates cannot be maintained. By cooperating with the machine manufacturer's competent service technician, the system is checked and the speed is significantly increased - the feed rate can be maintained at a constant rate again.

Sawing test M51-TAIFUN-MAXIMA:

The machine is not compatible with Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades, so our ARNTZ Bi-metal Band Saw Blade M51-TAIFUN-MAXIMA from the PROFI-PLUS performance class is used and convinces right away:

- With an optimized sawing time of 3:20 min / section, straight cuts are achieved until the end of a long tool life

The Result: significant material savings and better output with optimized sawing and tool life

Sawing test M51-TAIFUN-MAXIMA C-TEC:
In addition to optimizing sawing time, precision, material savings and process reliability, the service life should also be improved. Our article group 867 in the coated C-TEC version shows a clear performance:

-      2.5 times the service life
-      top price-performance ratio
-      significantly reduced costs per cut
-      optimized ecological balance, 60% less tool costs


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